Relationship Counseling


Relationship Counseling

Have you been experiencing relationship problems that have left you feeling hopeless and defeated? Would you like to learn how to grow a healthy marriage that lasts a lifetime? There is still hope! Let Christie Jones Counseling in Fort Worth help you and your loved one rediscover how you are better as a couple than you are apart.

At Christie Jones Counseling, we believe in relationships. We understand that relationships have a meaningful impact on our happiness, our productivity, our peace of mind, and our life satisfaction in general. However, like most things in life, relationships do not usually go the way we plan. Making a relationship work takes more than just love and desire, respect and trust; it takes time, effort, and resources. Oftentimes, it takes the right relationship counselor.

A Hand to Guide You

Christie Jones Counseling provides guidance to couples in need. By speaking to a licensed professional counselor in a confidential setting, couples find it easier to open up and discuss what’s bothering them. Each session provides a safe space where abusive dialogue is not tolerated. Instead, we focus on bringing the couple closer by teaching them to communicate better and remember why their relationship is worth fighting for.

After many years of counseling hundreds of couples, our chief counselor Christie Jones understands that lack of communication is the bane of many relationships. Sometimes, just creating the right atmosphere for couples to unload their worries, fears and frustrations is enough to help them reconcile. We listen with empathy to every couple’s expectations and concerns, and we teach couples to appreciate the power of listening to each other.

Benefits of Relationship Counseling

Too many couples believe that they need a counselor only when they have an irreconcilable difference. This is not so. Counselors can provide crucial help to couples who have an important decision to make, couples suffering from stress or depression, couples who need to rekindle their passion, couples expecting a child, and others. There is no shame in looking for help in any situation you feel you cannot handle alone.

Some of the benefits of relationship counseling include:

  • Learning how to communicate with each other.
  • Learning how to disagree without fighting.
  • Increased emotional vocabulary.
  • Developing a deeper connection to your partner.
  • Increased self-awareness and personal growth.
  • Learning to forgive and put the past behind you.
  • Falling in love again.

Our licensed professional counselors are trained to listen to both partners and teach them how to come together again as a loving couple. We rebuild their bond based on things they have in common, like a shared background, culture, experience, and memories.

This process is repeated during follow-up sessions. The more they talk, the more practiced they become at sharing their feelings and trusting each other enough to show vulnerability. Over time, the couple remembers why they fell in love in the first place. It’s a process that takes time, trust and honesty, but the results are well worth it.

Christie Jones Counseling Has the Answer

While every relationship has a few things in common with the rest, each one is unique, and we treat them as such. We get to know the individuals behind the couple and take their backgrounds and formative experiences into consideration when setting goals. Our sessions are completely confidential, so you never have to worry about anyone knowing the details of your relationship, except for you, your partner, and your counselor.

We also specialize in counseling for addiction, grief, depression, anxiety, adult ADD, stress, adolescents, and much more. If you feel overwhelmed by something in your life, please give us a call so that we can set up your initial counseling session. We don’t currently take insurance, but we will give you a receipt that you can file with your insurance provider. If you have proof that you are a low-income client, we might be able to work with you for a sliding-scale fee. Please feel free to ask!

When you need a relationship counselor in Fort Worth, TX, contact Christie Jones Counseling so we can help you reach your relationship goals, settle conflicts in your relationship, and rekindle the spark between you and your loved one. We proudly serve the entire Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.


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