Anger Management Counseling


Anger Management Counseling

As a natural response experienced by every human being, anger is a powerful force that is not inherently good or bad. Under the right circumstances, feelings of anger may be an entirely appropriate or useful response when coping with a situation. For many people though, controlling their anger can be a challenging proposition. 

When a person is struggling with their feelings of anger, the effects can be harmful both mentally and physically. From damaged property to ruined relationships, uncontrolled anger can be a terrible spiral for many people. The way that a person expresses, controls, and processes their feelings of anger and hostility play a large role in the continued health of their relationships with other people, as well as their own psychological and physiological wellbeing.

For individuals who are dealing with frequent, intense or increasingly destructive outbursts of anger and hostility, seeking support from a highly trained and compassionate mental health professional can go a long way towards regaining control over their lives.


    How Anger Can Affect Your Life

    As a natural response to difficult situations, anger is a powerful source of strength that can help a person defend themselves and keep pushing forward in the face of overwhelming adversity. At the same time, uncontrolled feelings of anger can be a truly destructive force that can cause harm to a person and the people around them.

    A disproportionate response to a situation that creates feelings of anger can be harmful in many ways. From damaging relationships with friends and family members to ruining the chances of a promotion at work, anger can be a truly destructive force that pushes people away and can stand in the way of success in many aspects of life.

    Feelings of anger and hostility can have a real impact on a person, and quite a few physical and mental health problems can develop as a result. Depression, anxiety, substance abuse, high blood pressure, and even more serious conditions such as heart disease have all been linked to anger management problems. As a result, these individuals can become trapped in a cycle of feeling even angrier due to their health concerns, which in turn leads to a continued worsening of these symptoms, or the development of more serious problems.

    How Anger Management Counseling Can Help

    Anger management counseling is not intended as a way to make you suppress your feelings or hide your personality. Instead, the goal of anger management counseling is to help individuals develop a clear understanding of why they react with such intensity to certain triggers or situations. 

    Through regular therapy sessions, and the application of specific strategies in daily life situations, individuals can develop an awareness of how anger may be controlling their behavior so they can take steps towards channeling those intense feelings toward a more productive outcome.

    During anger management counseling with Christie Jones, individuals can develop a deeper, clearer understanding of their own feelings through a focus on several important aspects of their situation, including:

    • Dissecting Anger – By working with individuals to determine a root cause for intense emotional reactivity, a better understanding of the source of intense anger feelings can be better understood.
    • Developing New Perspectives – Through conversation and guided practice, new and healthier methods of expressing the intense feelings associated with anger can be established.
    • Learning Effective Relaxation Techniques – When a person feels their anger levels rising, the application of certain relaxation techniques can play an important role in channeling those destructive impulses towards a more productive outcome.

    Seek Help Today to See a Better Tomorrow

    If you or someone you love is dealing with ongoing anger management problems, it might help to know you are not alone. The ability to effectively manage feelings of anger and hostility is a learned behavior that requires not only practice but effective guidance and support. By working with an anger management counselor, the process of achieving mastery over feelings of anger can become far less overwhelming.

    As a person fully committed to the work of helping others lead happier, healthier lives, Christie Jones is always ready to work with individuals to understand, manage, and even overcome their battle with their feelings of anger. To find out more about how she can help with anger management, or the other services she offices, be sure to contact her office today!

    Anger management can help individuals with anger issues learn to gain insight into why they react or overreact to certain triggers. With continued therapy and practice of strategies at home and at work, the individual can learn to control anger by putting triggers, such as spilled milk or a broken dish, into perspective.

    Talking about these types of episodes allows the individual to see how anger has taken a front seat in how he or she conducts life. Once this happens, there will still be more work to do, and it will need to be done with conscious effort. There may or may not come a day when it will be easy, but at least having an awareness allows the individual to think before acting, and that can mean improved relationships and general well-being.