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Relationship Counseling

Relationship Counseling

Have you tried to address challenges and problems in your relationship on your own?  Are you stuck and hurt and confused?  Would you like to know how to grow a healthy marriage—one that could last a lifetime?  Would you like hope in your circumstance, power in your weakness, and wisdom in your ignorance?   Let me help you put hope back into your relationship, discover the power that two individuals can experience when they come together in unity, and learn how you can be so much more “together” than you ever were alone.

At Christie Jones Counseling, we believe in relationships and we appreciate the power of a relationship to have a meaningful impact on our happiness, our productivity, our peace of mind, and our life satisfaction in general. Relationships, however, like most of the affairs of life do not usually go the way we want them to go. Making your relationship work takes more than just the desire of making them work; it takes more than just loving your spouse; it takes more than respecting, trusting and caring for your spouse. These things are needed in a relationship but they are not enough. For a good relationship to work, it takes efforts, time, resources, and, in many cases, the right relationship counseling.

Providing this guidance, bringing couples together, and making them talk and see the greatness their relationships stand to attain if only they understand themselves better and are willing to be more attentive and forgiving is what we bring to couples at Christie Jones Counseling. Providing guidance and advising couples are powerful in settling problems among couples. After many years of counseling hundreds of couples, our chief counselor Christie Jones have come to understand that lack of communication is the bane of many relationships and, sometimes, just making available the right atmosphere for couples to unload their worries, fears, frustrations, expectations, opinions, serve to do the magic of reconciliation. We listen to couples, we listen with empathy, and with these we teach couples to appreciate the power of listening.

A lot of couples believe that they need a counselor only when they have an irreconcilable difference or a bad situation in their hands. This is not so. Couples who have an important decision to make, couples with a spouse (or both) suffering stress or depression, couples who need to spice up their relationship with passion, couples expecting a child among other couple needs can equally find our counseling crucial.

While there are a dozen issues that relationships share, every relationship is unique. We handle each relationship with the consciousness of their difference. We also take note of their couple’s individual and shared background, culture, education, experience, and perception.

If you need a relationship counselor in Fort Worth, Texas, contact us and we would help you reach your relationship goals, make an important decision, settle conflicts in your relationship, and spark up your relationship. Contact us today and may love be the winner.