Family Counseling


Family Counseling

In the modern world, there are plenty of factors that can contribute to the stress and challenges that a family goes through. Concerns about work-life balance, an unexpected crisis in the family, mental challenges, and even parent-child interactions can all contribute to a family’s struggle with their own complex relationships.

In many cases, families may feel that they can navigate these difficult challenges on their own, but the truth is that even the families that seem the happiest can sometimes benefit from the help and opinion of a professional counselor. With years of experience and a passion for her work, Christie Jones is committed to supporting families in the Dallas-Fort Worth TX, area who may need family counseling or therapy sessions to confront their unique challenges.

Christie Jones understands that asking for help is hardly ever easy and that deciding to work with a professional can feel like giving up, or that is a sign of personal weakness. In reality, engaging in family therapy sessions can be an incredibly important step towards a brighter, healthier future for you and your loved ones. With the guidance and support of an experienced professional, family counseling can provide everyone involved with fresh ways of understanding and approaching various stress factors as they appear.

The Benefits of Engaging

When stressful events put a strain on various relationships within a family, it can be difficult for those involved to reach an understanding. Anything from financial problems, divorce, or even the loss of a loved one to mental health concerns, substance abuse, behavioral problems, and much more can have a direct impact on the daily quality of life of everyone involved.

The goal of family counseling is to develop new levels of understanding and collaboration between members of the family to unravel the source of conflicts they may be facing. For instance, if a younger family member has social and educational issues, these sessions can target the specific patterns in the family that contribute to the child’s acting out instead of focusing on the child’s behavior. 

Once the family as a whole understands the cause of a problem, they can adopt new methods of support. As a group, they can work proactively towards bringing an end to the factors that have been causing the child’s unwanted behavior.

Reasons to Seek Family Counseling

For many people, the idea of “family” stretches beyond those who are related by blood, or to people who may not even be living under the same roof currently. These relationships play a central role in a person’s overall mental health, and family counseling sessions can be a wonderful way to address a variety of challenges.

In some cases, family members may benefit from counseling sessions as a way of addressing their concerns over another family member who is expressing new or unusual behavior. Rather than engaging in hostile, unproductive interactions or feeling trapped in a cycle of conflict, family counseling sessions can be a powerful tool for helping people find a new method of reaching out to those they care about most.

Some common reasons for family counseling include:

  • When a child is struggling with school
  • A family member is showing symptoms of substance abuse
  • A traumatic event has disrupted the family
  • Parental conflicts
  • Abusive behavior or violent interactions
  • Problems with accepting a new family member

It is important to recognize that this is by no means a comprehensive list and that every family’s situation and struggle is a unique experience.

Finding a Way to Express

The central goal of family counseling sessions with Christie Jones is to promote renewed communication and understanding between family members. For some individuals, this may mean taking advantage of the interactions to express feelings they could not share with those closest to them. For others, this may mean learning new methods of communication or interaction that work towards defusing situations rather than escalating them.

Because family dynamics are complex, unique, and emotionally charged, there is no single approach that can be applied universally. Instead, Christie Jones takes the time to listen, understand, and guide individuals towards a fresh, positive path by sharing tools and advice based on their circumstances.

Trusted Family Counseling for Dallas-Fort Worth, TX Residents

If you’re facing hardship in your family relationships, or you’re struggling to find a way to connect with the people you care about most, Christie Jones can help. As an experienced family counselor, she is committed to helping residents throughout the DFW Metroplex with their family relationship concerns.

With patient listening and compassionate support, Christie Jones is proud to be a trusted source of positive change and growth for the families of many communities. To find out more about her family counseling services, or to schedule an appointment for a consultation, be sure to contact our office right away!