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 Adult A.D.D. Counseling

Sometimes, all we need is someone to look at our approach to life’s challenges and help us to rearrange our circumstances so we are better equipped to cope.  No one needs this more than the adult with Attention Deficit Disorder!  A particularly difficult item for most people who have A.D.D. is time management.  It is generally quite difficult for most people with ADD to list each step, and the time involved, in getting to an appointment at a given time.  Thus, it is, also, quite difficult to get from having plenty of time to “crap, I’m late.”  Being on time is possible with help from your A.D.D. coach.  An extra pair of eyes may be the solution to where you are losing time, and what can be done to fix the problem.  For the person whose life is chaotic, there are techniques one can use to untangle the mess.