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Counseling your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Hi, My name is Christie Jones.

I want to welcome you to my Fort Worth Counseling practice and website.  At some time in our lives, we are all faced with challenges that are difficult to handle independently.  Finding the right therapist to assist in one’s emotional health is just as important as finding the right doctor to improve one’s physical health.  Be assured that all services are provided with the strictest of confidence. Personal information is not shared outside the program unless a release of information is obtained from you, or such disclosure is required by law.  I adhere strictly to HIPPA requirements.  Thank you for considering my services as you journey to find the right professional to assist you

Please feel free to contact me for a free “get acquainted” interview or with any questions that you might use to determine if my services are right for you.

Christie S. Jones, MA, LPC

Family Counseling in Ft Worth, TX

Living as a family unit can be likened to being on a journey with your loved ones. There are bumps on the road which come in the form of growing up, stress, tension, separation, abuses, trauma, economic adjustments, illness, bereavement, divorce etc. Sometimes this bumps can be managed among the members of the family; sometimes, they develop into a major obstacle that has the capacity to threaten the well-being and even the existence of the family as a unit.

This is where we come in. As a family counselor in Fort Worth, Texas, we come in when the bump becomes an obstacle and begins to thaw into a situation of crisis proportion. Communication is key, the lack of which is the cause for the escalation of many situations at home. The first thing we do in our family counseling is to evaluate whether the situation warrants counseling or not and whether it requires other services in addition to counseling.

The basic tool in our counseling is providing your family a supportive and conducive environment away from your home which might carry the added baggage of being the breaking point.

Christie Jones has qualifications and years of experiences in counseling, social work, and psychology and conflict resolution. These qualifications and experiences have equipped her sufficiently to handle your family situation and help you overcome it, manage it or come to terms with it.

We are flexible and can adjust our services to meet the need of a range of families, taking into cognizance the age, the education, the experience, the strengths, the weaknesses, and the worldview of the individuals, and the culture, belief, and peculiarities of the family. Usually, we have sessions for the family as a whole, but we reserve the option of meeting individually with family members or in pairs as the occasion presents itself. We can also carry out a stand-alone session with your child or spouse. Some families require a few sessions, others require more than a few sessions. We are trained to discern which one most benefit your family and we work with that.

At Christie Jones Counseling, we do not judge you nor take sides. Our goal is simple: to have you talk and guide your conversation to the direction that reveals—sometimes bottled up—feelings, experiences, decisions, options, mistakes, and perspectives with the ultimate goal being the pursuit of a happier, more peaceful, and safer family.