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Counseling your Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Hi, My name is Christie Jones.

I want to welcome you to my Fort Worth Counseling practice and website.  At some time in our lives, we are all faced with challenges that are difficult to handle independently.  Finding the right therapist to assist in one’s emotional health is just as important as finding the right doctor to improve one’s physical health.  Be assured that all services are provided with the strictest of confidence. Personal information is not shared outside the program unless a release of information is obtained from you, or such disclosure is required by law.  I adhere strictly to HIPPA requirements.  Thank you for considering my services as you journey to find the right professional to assist you

Please feel free to contact me for a free “get acquainted” interview or with any questions that you might use to determine if my services are right for you.

Christie S. Jones, MA, LPC